GTA San Andreas Old UI Change into GTA 5 HUD UI Mod Download And Installation

How To Install GTA V HUD UI Mod to GTA San Andreas

Hey Guys Today in This Post I'll Show how to Change GTA San Andreas OLD UI into GTA V HUD UI, I Will Tell You How To Install GTA V HUD UI Mod into GTA San Andreas, You Can Easily Complete Change GTA SA OLD UI to New HUD UI.

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Many people may not like the colors, sounds and icons of GTA V, but remember, the mod is modular and easy to modify, in the future we will make a version in the classic style of SA, as we have done before: GTA V Hud SA Visual Skin .

DK22Pac lost the mod's source code, so it couldn't keep updating. _AG reverse engineered the mod, and re-implemented it, with fixes, improvements and many additions, thus came this mod, which intends to be the continuation of the old mod.

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Author: _AG

Old Base: DK22Pac


  1. Main and pause menu.
  2. HUD
  3. Radar/minimap (2D and 3D)
  4. Help text variations
  5. Subtitles
  6. blips and bullets
  7. weapons wheel
  8. Radio Wheel [WIP]
  9. police system
  10. GPS
  11. time bars
  12. extended sights
  13. Player stats screen
  14. Screens upon dying and being arrested.
  15. Mission completed screen [WIP]
  16. high quality textures
  17. Overlay layers (black and white effects and more)
  18. Menu Panels (shop and more) [WIP]
  19. Phone [WIP]
  20. Detailed menu map with legends
  21. Fully functional photo gallery taken with the camera.
  22. Easy to use API for new plugin development [WIP]

Mod Screenshot

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Download Here

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