Pubg Mobile Gameloop Best Settings For Low End Pc 2023 | Lag Fix & Boost FPS

PUBG Mobile Gameloop Emulator  Lag Fix 2023 Best Setting For Low End Pc - Boost FPS

Today In this post , i we'll show you the best settings for low end pc to get optimize and get the ultimate fps, how to fix lag in Pubg Mobile Gameloop 2.7 update 2023 and boost your gaming performance. Our step-by-step guide will help you optimize your settings and make the necessary adjustments to ensure smooth gaming. Read this post and start enjoying smooth and seamless gameplay on Gameloop today!

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First Download Gameloop 32BIT & Install it. Download Pubg Mobile in 32BIT Gameloop. Note Gameloop 64Bit is Not Stable Run in Low End System That Was I Will Recommended You. You Can Download & Install 32BIT Gameloop Version.


Open Gameloop Setting Click Basic Tabs & Uncheck Auto Run At Startup option And Check Hide Advanced Watermarks & Best Fixed Window Ratio Option. 

Second Click Engine Tab Uncheck Enable Rendering Cache & Force Global Rendering Cache Option. If You Have Discrete Graphics Card in Your Computer Then Check Prioritize Discrete Graphics Card Option Other Wise Uncheck. Check The Enable Render Optimization Option. If You Have 60Ghz Display Then Check Enable Vertical Sync Other Wise Uncheck.

Anit- Aliasing :- Always Close 

Memory :- . First Try Set 4096MB if you have more than 8GB RAM on your system. Your Game Was Pretty Lag Then Select 8192MB If You Have 8GB Ram On Your System IF Your Have 4GB Then Select 4096MB Means Same as your RAM.

Processor :- Select Half Core IF Your Have 4 Logical Processor Then Select 2 IF Your Have 8 Logical Processor Then Select 4 Means Select Half Cores. (THIS STEP FIX YOUR FREEZING AND STUCK ISSUE)

Resolution :- If You Have Very Low End Pc Then Enter 1024x576. Otherwise enter 1280x720 & If You Have High End PC Then Enter Your Monitor Resolution.

The 1280×720p resolution of your monitor will give the best Performance and Gameplay Experience for Gameloop. Change this only if your game is lagging even after changing all other settings. Again Back The Top And You Can See 3 Option are here Available OpenGL+ DirectX+ & Auto. Must Try One Bye One And Set the Screen Rendering Mode that work best in Your System.

DirectX+ = Good GPU + CPU
OpenGL+ = Good GPU + Medium CPU
Anti-aliasing: Always Closed/Disabled

Set In-Game Settings
Open PUBG Mobile And set this Setting if your have low End Pc Then Otherwise You Go High Settings.

Graphics: Smooth.
Framerate: Extreme If you Have 60Ghz Display Otherwise choose 90Fps.
Style: Colorful.
Anti-aliasing: Disable.
Auto-Adjust Graphics: Yes. (Rendering Issue show Then Disable Auto-Adjust Graphics)

Password:- Www.OtherMods.Xyz

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